Your Pal Frank

Acoustic Musician

Frank is an Acoustic Musician residing in North Eastern Pennsylvania who can play anything from "R-Kelly" to "The theme song of The Office". If you are interested in a main act feel free to contact him from any of the links below. He is currently playing live shows, living rooms and is HOT on social media.

"I'm a Certified G and a Bonafide stud" - Your Pal Frank

SoundCloud | BandCamp | Twitter



Graphic Designer

Azure is a gaming/social media designer who specializes in making layouts for Steam, Twitch, Youtube, and Twitter available! If in need of a steam profile showcase, twitch designs, or any social media related design feel free to contact on Steam, or Twitter.

"Music is love. Music is life." - Azure

SteamGroup |Steam | Twitter


Brad "Evigishki" Wunsch

Guilty Gear Xrd

Brad "Evigishki" Wunsch is a professional gamer who specializes in Guilty Gear Xrd (Slayer,Dizzy). He will be attending and competing in in Summer Jam 10 EVO 2016.

"My girlfriend told me to stop singing Wonderwall, I said maybe" - Evigishki

Twitch | Twitter


Scott "2ndState" Keller

BlazBlue: Centralfiction and Guilty Gear Xrd

Scott "2ndState" Keller is a professional gamer who specializes in Guilty Gear Xrd (May) and Blazblue: CPEX (Noel). He has competed in ECT 2012, ECT 2015, EVO 2015, Winter Brawl 2016. He will also be attending and competing in Summer Jam 10 EVO 2016.

"If you wanna hit buttons play an anime fighter" - 2ndState



Our Thank You

I would personally like to thank all of our sponsors and everyone who is visiting this website, it means so much to me that this little project turned into a reality. This is my first website so if you like it or don't give me your feedback, all criticism is very much appreciated.

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