Professional Photos of Your Pugs!


What is Pugtography

Pugtography started out a mear final project and turned into a dream. What we do here at Pugtography HQ is we will edit your pug photos to your liking! this includes color correction, removing red eyes, or even adding special effects. If you want your pug to be riding a T-Rex through the Civil War we will make it happen.


About Us

So you are probably asking who is Pugtography? Well its more like who am I. This site is ran by one person, Me, I like to think of myself as a real pug enthusiest. This site was first made just for a final project but i decided to go all out, buy the domain and get it hosted to use as a reference in the future.


Our Sponsors

We have sponsors that are helping get our name out. They vary from musicians, graphic designers and even people in E-sports! check them out here!


Our Services

Below you will see just a few of some of the options you can get on your photos!


Color Correction

We can do anything from filtering to sharpening the image of your photos.



This is were the possibilities are endless, whatever your mind can think of we will make!


Special Effects

We can add any effect you can think of, from lense flair to motion blur.


Simple Edits

We can do nearly anything you can think of if its either cropping photos to removing red eyes.


If you are interested in what we do and would like a photo edit check out our packages!
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